Unions are Making our Community, State and Country Better

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As a union member and an IBEW member, we are active not only at our job locations, but also in our community, in Trenton and in Washington. In previous updates I have provided some information about Local 1820 members taking part in the Belmar St. Patrick's Day Parade as well as in the April 21st Spring Beach Sweeps.

1820 members are also part of the NJ AFL-CIO who is currently working in Trenton to pass two bills to bring equal pay to our state and to protect collective bargaining rights. Everyday the NJ AFL-CIO does important work in Trenton to hold our elected officials accountable. This work is best shown in Governor Phil Murphy's recent budget address where he committed to bring good jobs back to New Jersey.

Finally, the IBEW is working at the national level to protect our jobs and build a stronger electrical grid. Recently, the IBEW got the chance to testify before Congress about the state of our electrical grid and the many repairs and investment that it needs.

All of this great work is made possible by our members. The members of the IBEW and especially Local 1820 make our union strong. When we unite with our fellow union brothers and sisters, we bring with us enormous power both here in New Jersey and across the nation.