We Need to Build Our Email List

Thursday, April 26, 2018

As members of Local 1820, we are in good shape. Our union is strong and we have labor peace, but we also must remember that we could face challenges at any time. That is why it is important to continue to strengthen our union. One way that we do this is through constant communication. The PiPELINE is the easiest way to get the message out to the rank and file members. Yet many members have not yet signed up for this important email. With attacks on labor unions growing, it is more important then ever to get these important emails and our text messages. If you do not get the email or text message please click here to update your information. Since many people reading this do get the email, I also need everyone to share this with someone at your job site who does not. Our union is only as strong as the members who show up and are engaged, so every person that you get to sign up makes us that much stronger. Once again you can click here to make sure that you get communications from Local 1820.