A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

Thursday, August 2, 2018

I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer, getting some sun, and continuing to work safely through the brutal heat and humidity we have recently had.

Below I have included two important updates. One is a reminder that we are having our Annual Jimmy Young Memorial Family Picnic on August 25th. If you are coming, you must request tickets by August 15th. That deadline is approaching quite quickly so please don't wait and miss out.

I would also like to draw your attention to a video from Recording Secretary Quetzy Ortiz. She was recently in Ithaca New York and took part in a rally for a living wage. While Local 1820 members are all covered under a contract that provides a wage significantly higher then the minimum wage, many workers out there do not. Since the Great Recession, most of the jobs that have come back have been low paying jobs that are non-union. People can not live on $11/hr jobs, they need ones that pay a living wage. As union members, we fought hard to get the wages and benefits that we have, but we also must fight for those who don't have the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement. Remember a rising tide raises all ships and when wages go up for one, they begin to go up for all.