Happy Labor Day

Monday, September 3, 2018

This weekend, we celebrate the workers holiday, Labor Day. Thanks to labor unions we have fought for and won many changes from better wages to safer workplaces.

Our own union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, was formed in 1891 because electrical companies were hiring unskilled workers to erect power lines and paying them just 15-20 cents an hour. They were forced to work for 12 hour days and the mortality rate was exceptionally high. These are conditions that we never could imagine and that is thanks to unions like the IBEW.

Now 127 years later, electric and gas work provides the members of Local 1820 and IBEW locals around the country with a stable middle class lifestyle. This was not because of executives willingly giving us better wages, it was because our union fought for these rights.

This weekend, while you are at the shore or having a barbecue, talk to your friends, family, and especially your kids about the real celebration of Labor Day and the importance of having a strong labor movement. Happy Labor Day Local 1820!